After the end of this year’s edition, once again we have shown that what we like is to race surrounded by friends, with a great effort we achieved our goals, taking into account the organizational exhaustion that this entailed.

This exhaustion made a dent in all my colleagues, that led us to consider stopping all rally activity…. But we are capable… we like this.

Probing the possibilities of making a 180 degree turn, I have managed to recover the illusion of some and nourish myself with the potential of a new group that is well prepared and most importantly, with the necessary desire to carry out the next #rallydaauga2023. For this I present to you the Organizing Committee that will assume the commitment to bring to fruition a race with many new features but with the same philosophy!!!

Nadia Dono

Josefa Sangiao

Fátima Viña 

Andrea Lamas  

María Zas

Yes, we are all women but well prepared!!!

We are waiting for you at the Rally da Auga.